Sonnet II

I write as the north wind chills a January air, early dawn

as the sun does rise in the eastern gates and a Rocky Mountain fair,

my soul carries a remembrance of the earthly pond during the terrain’s commencements –

and, a trauma dream, hidden in a haze of fiery schemes.

The epoch of years unbearably seizes the morning and the night.

I am touched by the fiery chariot told by Elijah to my mind, and

sifting through to my heart.

A new day is upon me, Sophia has found life

within my heart, my being of love and light, and now –

to witness to the world a testimony of faith, courage, and promise

in the Holy name of the Great Sustainer, the Immortal One

who gives new eyes to the un-born?

Published by John Gregory Evans

Poetry is truth as we share our words that express our stories. I have been writing poetry over twenty years and have been published within many venues, including two books of mine. As poets we speak our truths and become known by our words. If you are a poet...keep writing. There remains joy and love in the solace of the written word.

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