The peace of the Lord comes by way of a non-contentious heart through judging not his own brother, for I shall not judge you based upon a simple word(s) for they remain illusory. Illusion leads to judgement and judgement leads to hell (upon earth).

This world shall not end in total destruction but only through the spoken or embedded words within a man’s heart through the judgement of the least of these.

Peace, will she ever be found in the hearts of a biased crowd, or from men who scream and shout out loud?!

I do not believe so.

Perhaps within an illusory plain, a dimension of humanity’s perceptions, or dreams.

But I doubt that as well.

And, I know you know me not, for we have traveled a different spherical dimension, of the core of the heart, the other based upon principle…your perspective, and my transparency.

Thank God the Immortal One, Holy even within the depths of our humanity, we sin, and we suffer, and we judge, therefore by which we judge of the least of these, we think we are in our own alleged legal rights, judged by our own thoughts, and so on, and so on.

Published by John Gregory Evans

Poetry is truth as we share our words that express our stories. I have been writing poetry over twenty years and have been published within many venues, including two books of mine. As poets we speak our truths and become known by our words. If you are a poet...keep writing. There remains joy and love in the solace of the written word.

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