This Present Moment –

John G Evans c 2019

A Measure of Peace to Live Within This Present Moment ā€“

Ancestral shadows lay at my heels ready to strike in an instant though for a moment have held their peace.

Granted, the love remains within a charitable heart. I am here. You are here. Let us come to know when to lay down our arms.

I know I am nothing but a powdery dust crawling upon a rocky earth. Fear is in my heart. My thoughts remain congested of a polluted world contaminated by the ungodliness of our ways.

I am in exile. This land remains unseen by flesh, or rock, or earth, and for any kind of matter where I may lay, and rest, and be found, alive to all my senses, where my teachers are not of this earth, but, within a very special bliss known only by saints, mystics, and peoples of God.

This bliss welcomes all but draws only the few. I hope you shall discover this place of bliss, ecstasy, with a renewed sense of peace. I know I shall.

I go here as red warriors swarm my essence. And, I recall the days of miracles and I revisit the essence of awe.

Peace overwhelms me in a land where voices are only heard in silence.

I sleep in peace until the next visit.

Because, this present moment converts my measure of peace into nothing more.

Freedom befalls me.


Published by John Gregory Evans

Poetry is truth as we share our words that express our stories. I have been writing poetry over twenty years and have been published within many venues, including two books of mine. As poets we speak our truths and become known by our words. If you are a poet...keep writing. There remains joy and love in the solace of the written word.

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