The Kingdom of God has Always Been with Me

An Acknowledgment to Ezra Sullivan, O.P. By John Gregory Evans Poet & Observer of the Interior Life A Perspective of Ezra Sullivan’s Seek First the Kingdom: A Reply to Germain Grisez’s Account of Man’s Ultimate End They [separated souls who die in Christ] see the divine essence with an intuitive vision and even face toContinue reading “The Kingdom of God has Always Been with Me”

A Deep, Spiritual Silence Colored a Reddish Orange

John G. Evans 2/25/2020 2:41:36 AM Alone, with nothing to shield me but the darkness. A deep, spiritual silence. Vulnerable. Nothing to hide me but the depths of an interior prayer. I am in a solitary moment of depth within myself.  Gutted so deeply I hear the voice of my heart. This imploration for aContinue reading “A Deep, Spiritual Silence Colored a Reddish Orange”

While the Angry Earth Growls Beneath my Feet

Auditory Visions as a youth, early morning dawn where sun greets this fiery lake, a day (or was it, days), of skipping school leading to a barren wilderness of pre-mature philosophical truths, while the angry earth growls beneath my feet, I walk on in later years upon the “black ice” of the day and risingContinue reading “While the Angry Earth Growls Beneath my Feet”


We shall all come to know a ‘dark night’ of our souls. The path to esoterica illumination originates by the divine will of God as well as cooperation of the soul. Is there an Omega Point of God and human soul we may call thin places, and is this what Pierre Teilhard de Chardin wasContinue reading “Gateway”

The Violinist

The concerto begins as she lifts her bow and resting her stringed instrument gently across her neck & shoulder. The notes begin slowly as one sweet note after another in an even tempo. By her lead others slowly discover their own way into the melody and create song within a beautiful harmony. No words areContinue reading “The Violinist”

In/Out of Focus

Sometimes, I simply frown when I can’t hit the mark on focusing on the nearest eye to the camera. Flash was great. Moved the Godox modifier close, then further away. The second silver reflector to the right of camera moved back about 6 foot from my model Judith C Evans. One thing I must admit,Continue reading “In/Out of Focus”

Morning Tea brings a Rejoiceful Sound of Liberation

John G Evans c 2019 A tall glass of flavorful tea, memories of mine have always enriched me, made me stronger in the early morning, almost fall-like breeze. A few notes from I Am: The Tiny Mustard Seed: So, where is home? Home is where the dust cries in a foreign land, as we allContinue reading “Morning Tea brings a Rejoiceful Sound of Liberation”

Photographing Sharper Images

Photographic Notes – What I have learned to photograph sharper images and to calibrate for web or print: I keep my shutter speed at 1/125 or above but rarely release my shutter more than 1/200. My personal preference is to have a dark background and these shutter speeds maintain the integrity of the work IContinue reading “Photographing Sharper Images”