Focal Planes & Focal Length

John G Evans c 2019 Through my honest attempt to comprehend the photographic focal planes within the camera lens I consulted a brilliant photography colleague of mine whose name I shall not reveal at this time having no consent to mention her name. However, she brought to light the mystery hidden within the complex worldContinue reading “Focal Planes & Focal Length”

Today I am Reading:

The Dramatic Portrait: The Art of Crafting Light and Shadow by Chris Knight. By the time I complete the history of portraits, art, the Masters, and light & shadow, I should have a very clear sensibility for creating my own style of portraits. Though, I have colleagues in the field who have taught me much,Continue reading “Today I am Reading:”

Acquiring New Photographic Skills

Today is a day to celebrate the assets of receiving additional skills and gear. I ordered a new backdrop (black), for the moments I wish to convey throughout my grief stricken days. But, it is more than this. To me black is class. I like the way color, lighting, composition, the pose, all come togetherContinue reading “Acquiring New Photographic Skills”

Military PTSD – Series 1

Intimidation by Military PTSD So, the conflicts of war in ’71 and the issue of dog-tags depending on who you are become a kind of tattoo wrapped around your bloody neck like a hangman’s noose, well, it just sort of became my duty. Our flag was my heart and soul…still is. Onward into the scenarioContinue reading “Military PTSD – Series 1”

About Me – Poet & Artist

“Artists—painters, sculptors, musicians—have long known that being attuned to the light, the ability to see deeply, connects us with the holy in a fresh and new way.”  ~ J. Brent Bill, Mind the Light: Learning to See with Spiritual Eyes, pp. 10-11 As a self-taught artist/photojournalist/portrait photographer/landscape photographer, I knew these were some of myContinue reading “About Me – Poet & Artist”

Old Photography vs. New Photography

So – I have been toying around with photography since 1972, perhaps earlier. I know I was a teen. I have learned the difference from other photographers what is good photography and what is not. My photography, well…I keep pushing the envelope. So much to consider. But, it has become a new and perpetual love.Continue reading “Old Photography vs. New Photography”

A Change of Thought – [heart]…

Often time, I conclude that my mind always is anxious and worried with my past and/or the thoughts therein. I continue to think and discover what I am seeing are my thoughts always protruding into the vastness of my own human frailty.  Once I have the time to re-think my current lifestyle situation I canContinue reading “A Change of Thought – [heart]…”