The Hospital Visit

Through an induced coma I felt her presence. She stood to the left of me in all her honor, with Christ’s glory. Her touch was mild and warm. Loving. There appeared with her a warm glow, a kind of light. Me, flat on my back – An iron lung you might say. And still, I […]

A State of Occupation

A State of Occupation © 2018 Foreigners, dwelling upon the muddy earth, hopes are waning far behind the promises for a better tomorrow…sinking, always sinking, into the abyss of each failing poem trampled into the mud-spattered ground.  Everyone has a future to write upon the dirty pages of history’s dawn. Contorted faces and hungry eyes, […]

Sonnet V

Since early youth I have quantified the measure of a man seeking a distance between firearms and steely blades with an inborn sense…thinking – always thinking…and coveting a longing for the end of my humanity factor. Metaphor for metaphor, and regarding a severe ruminating ideation where poetry dwells upon a dangerous past. Yes, my wounds […]

Sonnet III

So, from where am I from? Why, this preamble of my life lost to the tribal wars of schemes and dreams, forever hidden in enmity and possibilities. Enigmatic, per se? why, yes – I state! Here upon the hills of the north, facing twilight days, and burnt orange sunsets, my birth surprises me once more, […]

Sonnet II

I write as the north wind chills a January air, early dawn as the sun does rise in the eastern gates and a Rocky Mountain fair, my soul carries a remembrance of the earthly pond during the terrain’s commencements – and, a trauma dream, hidden in a haze of fiery schemes. The epoch of years […]

Sonnet IV

I am the warrior by word who brings peace to regions of the desolate, barren, and hopeless. Always, living on the doorsteps of death, I managed to survive, even as an infant, premature with all my dogmatic faith, I stood to tell the myth of how I survived. Based upon the fear of a machismo […]