Walking toward Mercy

I am the Samurai who draws up courage from the ink wells scribing time, where death is not darkness, but shooting arrows drop by drop for a liquified line, of word, fluid yes, discerning of all said rhymes, or not, but a hunger strikes each hungered note, making it mine. Is life all of misery,Continue reading “Walking toward Mercy”

Looking into my Beloved’s Eyes

On a humble air of this early morning, bird’s flair in song and dance through honeysuckle vines…I love to hear them sing. I witness this veil of natural accord, embracing the cusp of Spring. Why, even sweet buds arrive upon the fruit trees of plum nectar, and the white flowers begin to show their passionContinue reading “Looking into my Beloved’s Eyes”

The Hell of Facing Yourself as Unworthy

John G Evans © 2019 It is in facing your worthy truths as unworthy that commits your soul to hell, the opposites of truth are the realities we must accord ourselves to. It is a truth from the father of all lies. In all the universe there remains nothing unworthy from the Creator who isContinue reading “The Hell of Facing Yourself as Unworthy”