Words & Steely Knives

My Life Turned Around: Words and Steely Knives Have you heard: “And they will defile My secret place; For robbers shall enter it and defile it.”                                                                                                                         Ezekiel 7: 22 These steely knives meant to slice through the anger of the spoken word, vehement by nature as on a cutting board of hardened bamboo andContinue reading “Words & Steely Knives”

Silver Love Under a Crescent Moon

O love! This contented night of a crescent moon lie sweetly b’ neath a drunken sky, and your hips of round succumb to the dark, the burn of love persuades me to dance naked with imparted lips, the slaughter of my soul…and finger-tips. The tilt of your head as the burn rushes through, the saltedContinue reading “Silver Love Under a Crescent Moon”

Silence: My Love

Silence, O silence, where has your mystery of union left me? In this midst of an enigmatic cloud of unknowing I search myself, touching, reaching, pulling, always stirring away at my dreams, for who, but I? Am I not in this hypostatic union with the Lover of loves? Why, never has there been a loveContinue reading “Silence: My Love”

The Hypostatic Union:

A New Revolution of Love (A Witness to a Covenant of Love from God and a Purely, Divine, Spiritual Ecstasy) NOTE: This article’s primary intention is not to share in argument with theologians, scholars, or philosophers for I have not the mental capacity nor the perseverance and stamina to argue. My purpose is to shareContinue reading “The Hypostatic Union:”

Ancient Truths of Love

John G Evans © 2019 Stony hearts wait upon a bed of fiery coals, giving the essence of we away freely, with nothing else to lose. We play in the danger zones of regimented minds and melodies from ancient times, as King David, and, the eyes of his barbed heart. We wait in our tallContinue reading “Ancient Truths of Love”

Walking toward Mercy

I am the Samurai who draws up courage from the ink wells scribing time, where death is not darkness, but shooting arrows drop by drop for a liquified line, of word, fluid yes, discerning of all said rhymes, or not, but a hunger strikes each hungered note, making it mine. Is life all of misery,Continue reading “Walking toward Mercy”

Looking into my Beloved’s Eyes

On a humble air of this early morning, bird’s flair in song and dance through honeysuckle vines…I love to hear them sing. I witness this veil of natural accord, embracing the cusp of Spring. Why, even sweet buds arrive upon the fruit trees of plum nectar, and the white flowers begin to show their passionContinue reading “Looking into my Beloved’s Eyes”

The Hell of Facing Yourself as Unworthy

John G Evans © 2019 It is in facing your worthy truths as unworthy that commits your soul to hell, the opposites of truth are the realities we must accord ourselves to. It is a truth from the father of all lies. In all the universe there remains nothing unworthy from the Creator who isContinue reading “The Hell of Facing Yourself as Unworthy”